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Industries Served

  • Recycled Glass Fillers for flooring, paint, adhesive, epoxy, plastics,urethane and other polymers. Standard size recycled glass beads and milled glass from 10 mesh to minus 44 microns.
  • Recycled Glass Blasting Media (New Age Blast Media®) for abrasive blast cleaning and surface preparation.
  • Decorative Recycled Glass Aggregate for concrete, terrazzo tile, countertops, stucco, and nonslip applications.

PRI Leadership

Precision Recycling Industries has been been a leader in meeting the needs for sustainable recycled glass products that meet the unique performance requirements of our customers and provide safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible products for a variety of industries.

We don’t make the products you make,
we make them Greener.

Use of Precision Recycled Fillers allows ourcustomersto help their clients meet Recycled Content requirements for LEED Certification

In 2012, we expanded our locations nationwide to better meet the needs of our customers for recycled glass media. Whether you have a need for recycled glass aggregate for terrazzo and stucco applications or you need precision milled recycled mineral fillers, PRI can meet your requirements.